Fish and Meat 10L

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€ 58,10
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Is used for dissolving and removing dirt, lime deposits, corrosion, and, in particular, the nuisance slime formation on all the acid-resistant surfaces.
Also suitable for cleaning and descaling of floor and wall tiles.
Excellent for the processing industry for cleaning of aluminum and stainless steel such as boilers,
transport and manufacturing equipment, load compartments of refrigerators, etc.
Is a concentrated and inhibition, suppression acid cleaner on the basis of phosphoric acid. has strong purifying and descaling action.
Speed and self-acting.
Regular maintenance acid fish and meat: for use in high pressure equipment,
dosing adjust so that it reaches a 1 to 2-procentage solution of our product at the nozzle.
Thorough refurbishment or heavily fouled: with water extend in a ratio of 1: 5 to 1:10.
On spraying, the surface to be cleaned by means of a spray device, and high pressure hosing with water after a contact time of about 10-15 minutes.
Can also be used manually.
PH 0,6.


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