synthethic fats and oil SYNTHETIC FATS AND OIL CLEANER

Synthetic Fats Oil
Cleaner 5L

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Is a special cleaner for heavy water soluble degreasing cleaner to remove all synthetic fats and oils .
Verbreekt the surface and penetrates deep into the dirt and fat to make renewed as the treated surfaces.
Property unparalleled dissolving properties and a remarkable broad-spectrum activity.
Fast acting and requires little labor.
Application in the hospitality industry, caravans, workshops, ... Lost all synthetic fats and oils in an instant.
strong degreaser for removing heavy impurities Fast acting and requires little labor.
It is applied in concentrated form or diluted with water depending on the nature and degree of contamination.
A few minutes to soak, scrub well and rinse with water.
PH 12,9.


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