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Spotless Liquid
Medium active substances 3L

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Medium With standard detergent base was active substances.
Less Liquid Spot the optimum all in 1: Detergent: 100% biodegradable detergent.
A total detergent all in one product: pre-wash, fabric softener, colored and white, machine maintenance. 
A liquid detergent is distributed faster in water than washing powder. 
Once the machine is running, the surfactants will immediately start their work. 
Because a liquid detergent composition contains a lot more surface-active substances ,
other than a powder, it is particularly effective for greasy soil removal.
Liquid detergent compositions are preferably placed in a wax bulb on the laundry. 
The wax bulb prevents a portion of unused detergent disappears down the drain. 
Less Liquid Spot: contain optical brighteners. 
Spotless Liquid: is particularly suitable for removing dye stains. 
They contain an oxygen bleach to remove stubborn stains from the wax. 
Spotless Liquid: can be used for white and heavily soiled, color fast, 
was spotted at temperatures of 40 ° C or 60 Many people today suffer from allergies, eczema or asthma. 
This is often accompanied by hypersensitivity to certain substances in detergent. 
Spotless Liquid: is anti-allergic, this is because the detergent eco organically produced sustainably,
no perfume but a mild natural fragrance. 
In is processed. Spotless Liquid: Phosphate-free detergent.

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