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Non Foaming Drink
Glass Cleaner 1L

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Non-foaming drinking glass cleaner is used for cleaning and degreasing of all drinking glasses in canteens, restaurants and kitchens of all types of businesses.
Particularly suited to the hospitality sector.
cleans and degreases effortlessly all drinking glasses of lipstick, dried foams, deep-frying fat, finger touch, etc.
Provides a brilliant shine and does not leave any after circles.
Scan the foam head of the beer not by adding special foam stabilizers.
Is used for cleaning and degreasing of all drinking glasses, with the addition of special foam stabilizers.
Non-foaming drinking glass cleaner, at standing water: cl use 3 to 5 liters of water.
The glass move up and down along the mop, which has been confirmed in the sink.
Then put the glasses on the dish rack and let dry.
In case of insufficient gloss, shine up with a chamois leather.
With current water: First, the sink is filled up to the overflow, and the dosing apparatus is placed below the water line opposite to the landing. 
Water can now keep walking softly.
PH 10,5.



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