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Sludge Smoothing 10L

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is used in order to remove mud and silt from floor drains, pipes and sewer systems, water towers, boilers, heating systems, etc.
It holds "sludge" (= silt and sludge formation) in a floating condition, so that this together with the water, can easily be, disposed of, or to be removed by letting off the circulation water.
also prevents corrosion and scaling.
By preventive treatment plant life is extended sensitive and increased efficiency. moreover, water softening properties.
is used to remove mud and silt, as well as prevents rust formation and ketelsteen.
a) shock treatment: is added in a ratio of from 5 liter to a maximum of 10 liters per 1000 liters boiler, or circulation water, according to the degree of sludge deposition.
b) Preventive treatment: after a shock treatment, is added to about 5 liters per 1000 liters of water.
This solution will be displayed on the home in the circuit and prevent future deposits.
This solution replaced a few times a year.
Drains: add 5 liters.
In the next rain will be activated and make sure that all sludge is gone.
Drain pipes: add 12 liters at a rate of 4500 liters by flowing water.
Cooling: 1 liter to 4,500 liters of water.
PH10,8 .

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