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Without Risk 1L

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Is used to regularly removing rust stains and limestone floors, walls, sinks, lie -and showers, faucets and other objects in chrome.
It is a concentrated, viscous fluid on the basis of phosphoric acid.
Can be used safely in glazed tiles, chrome and stainless steel.acid without risk is a concentrated,,
viscous fluid on the basis of phosphoric acid and corrosion inhibitors.
Has excellent cleaning effect and a very good resolution.
Can be used safely in glazed tiles, chrome and stainless steel.
Due to its large adhesive capacity on vertical surfaces, has a prolonged action.
The high-quality ingredients ensures an optimal hygienic result.
Gives a pleasant smell, which remains very long observable.
acid without risk Because of its high adhesiveness will adhere to the wall.
let it soak for 15 to 30 minutes.
optionally wiped with a soft brush.
Rinse after cleaning out directly to all clean as long as possible to preserve the fruity scent.
The nature and extent of contamination to determine the duration of the exposure time.
Treatment of Substrates.
Neat or diluted with water up to 1:10 spray onto the surface to be treated.
Rub with a sponge or cloth and leave for a few minutes.
Rinse sponge or cloth and rinse the surface with clean water.
Rinsed with well squeezed sponge or towel drying.
Never use on calcareous stones such as marble, travertine, etc.
PH 0,3.


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