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Ammonia 5L

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Ammonia is pretty strong) is a degreaser of choice and is especially suitable for cleaning greasy surfaces.
It is very good to use to degrease surfaces.
The good is that it has no corrosive.
Marble wall tiles cleaning, which affects the lime stone not to.
It is a classic for windows.
An added advantage is that if you wash the outside of the windows with ammonia can hold many spiders at bay.
A drop in the water where your greasy windows want to clean it.
(Ammonia is rather strong) is a degreasing agent of choice, and is particularly suitable for cleaning greasy surfaces.keep an eye on!
Always ensure good ventilation when using ammonia and put the cap on the bottle right there again.
If you fill a bucket of water and ammonia are doing here in, first do the water in the bucket and then the ammonia associated with toxic fumes.
You'll never have to use a lot of ammonia; one or a few drops is enough.
PH 13,3.


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